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Step by step guide to make promotional videos | A complete guide

Written by Rebecca Johns

2 May, 2021

Today video is the fastest social channel, so more and more people are engaging in making videos. If you are in love with making videos then this is going to be an interesting journey for you because we are going to give away some creative and inspiring ways to make promotional videos. 


With such videos, let’s allure your customers and take your business ahead of your competitors with some interesting animations and delightful graphics.


If you don’t have experience in video making, no need to worry because this article will show you a step-by-step guide to make promo videos that have a lasting impact on your viewers.



What are promotional videos?


A promotional video is a video that elevates a company’s brand or service.

Such videos  are also known as  “promo videos.”

Great promotional videos are those that not only inspire their viewers but also guide and educate them about the product or service you are offering them.


Promotional videos don’t take much time for your audience to watch because it’s shorter in length and provides quick guidance about the product or service presented in the video.


“Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [and] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.”

                                                                                                   Dan Patterson


Types of promotional videos


There are different types of videos to promote your product. It’s your decision which type of video you want to create to give a lasting impact on the viewers about your brand or service.



Explainer Video


If your viewers are not getting a good idea of what your business is offering then the best thing is to make an explainer video. An explainer video as the name implies explicit something or some idea. 


An explainer video is created to let your viewers get a good explanation of what your brand is or what type of services you are offering to your customers.


With impressive animations and a voiceover of a person who may be a well-known personality and has a good knowledge of your products and services is all you need to make an explainer video in which he will be explaining the brand or services with the help of great visuals.

It can also be any visuals of your brand or live recording to explain your brand.

 Product Illustration


The product illustration flourishes your brand to your viewers. In such a video, you are defining the features and traits of your product for making customers’ purchase decisions easier for them.


In product illustration, you can use animations as well but sometimes the viewers get attracted towards buying the product because of the person who is giving a demo of the product, depending on how confidently he speaks about the brand.


“Many of us have become more comfortable learning visually. Delivering information on a product, service, or company through video can help to keep your audience’s attention longer and make what you have to say more easily understood.”


                                                                                          Savannah Stewart


The Organization Heritage video


Through this video you can get two incentives, one is you are exhibiting your company’s culture and heritage to your existing customers and the second incentive is that you would be displaying your company environment and brand features to attract new candidates and this can be achieved by making a video of your employees working in real-time company environment so that the new candidates would be able to get to know about the company culture well.



Customer Commendation Video 


While deciding to purchase a certain brand most customers prefer to check the reviews of the people who have already purchased the brand and if they find good commendations about the brand then they prefer to purchase it.


Like that you can make a customer commendation video showing your potential customers talking about your brand and about the perks they are enjoying by using your brand, the new customers will imagine themselves having the delight of those perks if they use the same brand.


Through video share, you can make any type of video whether it is an explainer video or product illustration video, for this you won’t require any technical skills. In fact, you can becom part of our customer when our application is in beta and it will earn you a chance to get a free video for your business.




Steps to create a promotional video


First step


Things To Consider Before You Start Making A Promotional Video


  •   Why are you making a promotional video?
  •   For whom you are making it (who are the potential audience)?
  •   What type of video you are going to make and how are you going to attract viewers through it?
  •   What type of content you will be including in it that would inspire the viewers to watch it till the end?


If you are not having experience of jotting down the points for making a promotional video, no need to worry, you can make a video through “video share”, though these different types of inspiring and attractive videos can be made for the promotion of your business, whether it’s an explainer video or customer commendation video you can make all types of your videos easily even if you don’ have technical skills.


 Second step 


In this step you have to check how long your video should be, if you will include lengthy details about your product, it is observed by research that there are fewer chances that the viewers would watch it till the end.  


While making a promo video you should make it short and side by side you have to include all the important details and features about your brand or services so that the viewers could be able to comprehend the objective of your video.


Research also shows that most people prefer to watch the shorter promo videos i.e. those videos that are 1 min or less.

While making a video you need an impressive voice-over to explain and promote your brand throughout the whole video. 


 Third step


At this step, you have to select a voiceover for your video. You can record it yourself by using a high-quality microphone and audio software, if you don’t want to voiceover yourself,  you can hire a professional who can do a voiceover for your brand.


Fourth Step


For every video, quality visuals or graphic matters the most so the next step is to design visuals or inspiring graphics for your video.


You should be able to deliver your message clearly in each part of the video with the selection of perfect visuals however all this is based on the type of video you are making for your brand.

If you are making an explainer video you would be needed to add animations in your video, for the animation you need to add background scenes, and other relevant things, and for this purpose, you would require professional gadgets that are used for drawing animations. 


Now if you don’t have technical skills or if you have not drawn animations before then you won’t be able to handle such professional gadgets, but no need to worry you can get such services done by professionals.


Fifth Step


Modification of your video is the next step, the visuals that you used in the previous steps,  have to be modified according to your video. If you don’t know how to edit or modify your video or the visuals you have used in your video,  you can use “video share” through which you will easily get your video modified.


Sixth step 


Moving towards the final step adds some sound to your video or you can add some beats that have to be selected as per the type of video you’re making. If you are making an explainer video that uses some music in the background while showing and explaining your product in this way it will make the explanation more effective and leave a lasting impact on viewers.


While showing the perks of your products you can use trendy beats, that will present the usage and utility of the product or brand easily consistently you can lower the beats, while the host is explaining some feature of the product, for this purpose you can use different apps.


Frequent Reasons to create Promotional videos


  • Brand Recognition
  • Increase Sales
  • Manage Traffic
  • Escalate Customer association
  • Guide Customers




While sorting out the reason for making the promotional video, you can move forward and start thinking about how your viewers will react, after watching your video.


It depends on whether you want to entertain your viewers or you want them to get emotionally attached to your product.


 Last stage 


If you want to produce your promo video and you don’t have any experience in producing your video then you have the option to take the help of experts or professionals in this field.


By “video share” services you can get your video done in an attractive and inspiring way that surely will have a lasting impact on your viewers and the most interesting thing about this is you can do it all by yourself and keep making changes until you are satisfied.

You can get the benefit of one free video through their beta version.


When is the time to utilize the Promotional videos?


Promotional videos can be good for existing as well as new customers. It depends, if you want to attract new customers to the business you can show the company environment in your video and then add some relevant details or reviews of the existing customers in your video.


If you want to inspire the existing customers and they already know your company then you can add the details of your upcoming product in your video that would gain their attraction.


You can also make promo videos for the deals you are offering or for the upcoming events of your brand so that you can attract new customers as well as update the existing ones aware of the new features of the brand.


Why is it necessary to make promotional videos?


People are more attracted to your brand when they watch the features of your brand along with its reviews through your promo video and they also get educated about your product better through your video rather than reading long articles about it. 


That’s why promotional videos are becoming inevitable to be made for the promotion of your product successfully, moreover, it is more customer-friendly and helps them make their purchase decisions.


They are trendy and make the viewers get emotionally attached to your product and by watching videos they would remember the features of your brand in their long-term memory.


Optimize your time 


It takes time to make your promo video and if you’re not an expert in making it or you don’t have experience in editing or producing it, no worries, because there are many websites available out there to help and guide you to make your thrilling promo video and there are professionals too to assist you, in making one if you don’t have enough time to learn and make by yourself.


To optimize your time and get your video done easily, with the objective that it would surely attract consumers while watching,  the “video share” is available for those businesses who don’t have enough technical skills of making an interesting video.


Make your content stand out in the crowd


When you are marketing your product through social channels, the important thing is that the content you are presenting to your viewers is the source through which they will be getting attracted to your brand. Keeping this in view, you have to make your video funky and trendy in such a way that the story you are telling should be comprehensible by your viewers and your content should attract them till the end only then it would stand out among the crowd of its competitors in a unique way.


Using the right templates for your video


It is not compulsory to make your video from the scratch, there are video maker sites that are providing you the templates to make your task easier e.g “video share” that is offering you the benefit of script templates, to make your first step easier, while creating the promotional video but make sure to select the template that meets the requirement of your promo, it should be as per the type of video you are going to make because there are endless choices of these templates available on these sites.



 Want to become part of our Video Share Family? Book your demo now!

This was the detailed step by step guide on how you can make a promo video through which you can attract and inspire new as well as existing customers, to purchase your brand, it also guides you even if you don’t have the technical skills then how you can avail the services of professionals to create a video that has a long-lasting impact on your viewers and get your work done creatively.  If you have skills and are creative then surely you can make your own thrilling and inspiring video to create a lasting impact on your viewers.

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