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How valuable are Corporate Videos as a Marketing Tool?

Nothing can be superior to these social media platforms, where most clients spend a bigger lump of their time during the whole day and night. 97% of advertisers are utilizing web-based video media to promote their businesses online. People who are aware of digital marketing, understand the power of marketing tools and corporate videos as well. Let’s take a closer look at how corporate videos are valuable as a marketing tool?

Video Marketing

The most engaging way to educate a specific audience is through exceptional videos.

  • Video marketing gives all the detail about your business, products, or services.
  • It’s an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words but we at Video Share have improvised this saying even more and we believe that a video is worth 1000 pictures.
  • There are very accurate tools to measure return on investment on video marketing. For example, if you are running your video ads through Facebook or YouTube, you can easily keep well-organized data of your investment and the output that you received. We can talk about these analytics tools in another blog.
  • A person is likely to watch a short video of few minutes as compared to reading thousands of words in a newspaper then why not shift your gear towards video marketing?


Importance of Video Marketing

I don’t think if at this point you still need more arguments from me to convince you about the importance of video marketing but still, Video Share believes in job satisfaction and that’s why we have decided to gift you few more advantages of Video Marketing in 2021.

Easy advertisement

Video marketing is a powerful tool that lures in the customers. The more powerful video you share via social media, the more client engagement you will get. It is one of the most important methods of advertising your business.

Increase sales and ROI

Video marketing can help you increase your profit from speculation and that’s because of cheap advertisement in the age of Google and Facebook.

Once you start utilizing social media as your marketing tool, you will get to know that it can gather a viewership of hundreds and thousands of individuals. In turn, your objective of promotion would be fulfilled.

New clients experience

Social media promotion gives you a significant chance to acquire new experiences for your clients. By communicating with leads and current clients via social media, you can perceive what your clients are keen on and what drives them. This connection between a business and a potential purchaser plays a critical part in changing them from simply an expected client to a devoted and customary one.

Video Marketing Tools

Different tools serve the purpose of video marketing to show business features and keep the customer engaged in their products. Video making is the most versatile marketing tool that not only grabs the attention of the users but also converts them from clients into regular customers.

Different Types of Marketing Videos

  • Promotional videos show the product is working and how it will make the client’s life easier. This will empower your business portfolio to grow. It highlights specific products and endorses a new product and service. This sort of video not only serves the purpose of marketing but also provides basic training for the new customers on the uses of a certain product.
  • Professional Videos are significant for bringing your business to the top. Professional videos are the ones having a formal tone. For example, a business presentation can be called a professional video but it is not limited to business presentation only.
  • Marketing Videos, as the name suggests; these videos are used to promote certain products or services online. The purpose of this type of campaign is only one and that is to get as many customers as possible.
  • Corporate Videos are the most versatile form of marketing. These videos showcase the company or brand as a whole. These types of videos represent a culture that only a sharp eye can see.

Corporate Videos

The corporate video is a non-advertisement video produced by a business or an organization. It is the best vehicle to promote your business and use the products. Corporate videos are made according to the interest of clients. When they talk about our business, our connection with clients gets stronger.

Purpose of Corporate Videos

Corporate videos serve different purposes in the business setting:

  • New product advertisement
  • Details about product
  • Introduction of the company to clients
  • Training and instructional videos
  • Shareholder presentations

Importance of Corporate Videos

Corporate videos help you in expanding the traffic.

  • You can get countless traffic through its existence which is fundamental in the online marketing business. If it is of high quality, it will effortlessly draw the customer’s attention in the market. Your video gives one more approach to get more inbound traffic to your site. This will promote your company’s products.
  • It helps you to improve positioning and ranking on Search engines.
  • Views are the symbol of flourishing the business world. The more views your video has, the more you gain popularity. When your video has many views, more people want to watch it, and it will help you show your credibility when you are trying to build your marketing platform.

Reasons why Corporate Videos are Valuable as Marketing Tool

  1. Video engages the buyers: In a world where every startup needs attention. Corporate videos play an essential role in grabbing attention from customers. People find it easy to watch a video to know about business rather than to read through the text. Videos are just pleasing to the eye.
  2. Grow business: In today’s world, it just needs a one-click to spread anything over the internet. People always share what they like. Through corporate video marketing, the business will grow faster all over the world through the internet.
  3. Improved profit: The sale of products depends on branding. Stronger branding means more customers and more profit. When more people find out about your brand, more will purchase a product. Video marketing has made it easy to know about brands at home through just one video.
  4. Conversion rates: Video marketing increases conversion rates by 80%. Pictures spur the customer’s attention so imagine what videos can do to your product sales. Always convey the main points through the video and make it a powerful video.
  5. Return on investment: All marketers think that video provides a good investment return. Content for video matters a lot. It will pay off by increasing your sales. Companies use these marketing strategies to increase the number of customers.
  6. Develops trust and credibility: Start developing trust so that people come to you by providing them complete info through video marketing. This stimulates people’s attention. Video is the perfect way to connect with customers and earn their trust and credibility.


How to make a professional video

This is important to know about video marketing. Along With this, it is also necessary to understand how to make the video engaging and optimized. Always keep an eye on what’s the impact of videos on customers. Here are some tips to follow to make a professional video:

1.    Short videos

For better promotion of your brand, videos should not be so long that customers lose interest in them. The video should address all the main points of the product. Shorter videos catch the client’s attention.

2.   SEO optimized

All videos must be SEO optimized. When videos are optimized, they leave a professional impression. This can lead to the company’s success.

3.   Communication tool

The power of communication lies in the videos. People always enjoy talking to them. So make a video in such a way that it seems like you are talking to them. Focus on the starting of the video.


All things considered; it is clear that corporate videos are an essential tool for a business’s online success. Hence, to make your website unique, use corporate videos for marketing, which will have a substantial impact on your business.

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