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bite-sized videos

Empowering professionals to create, manage and share videos without needing any technical skills

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Business Videos for Business people

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Raise awareness and convert with video

Create rich video experiences that drive conversions

Engage Customers

Convert More Sales

Shorten buying cycle

Nurture and grow new
starters with video

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Attract Talent

Streamline Hiring

Employee Retention

Open up channels of communication with video

Create rich video experiences that drive conversions

Leadership Reports

Process Updates

Remove Barriers

Improve your customers satisfaction with video

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Personalized experience

Minimize response times

Create Advocates

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Video doesn’t need to be difficult

Don’t waste time and resources on videos that no one ever sees

Powerful Script Builder

The perfect video starts with a perfect script and thats why we made it easy for you to create the perfect video

Script Templates

Summary Points

Speech to Text Recognition

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Effortless Recording

Create professional videos instantly with the assistance of a built-in teleprompter will ensure you deliver the perfect video

Built-in Teleprompter

On-the-fly Editor

Quick Touch HD video

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One CLICK animation

Branding your video is just a click away. Give your audience a better memory of your business

Branding and Lower Thirds

Animated Template Styles

Video Trimmer

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Flexible Distribution

Grab the attention of your target audience by instantly sharing your video on public or private networks or attach to emails.

Seamless Email Integration

On-Demand Sharing

Accessible Video Library

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Amanda Richardson
Amanda Richardson Read More
We’ve found that our sales reps see 20 percent higher close rates when they send a follow up video straight after a meeting.
Nick Craig
Nick Craig Read More
There’s no way we could have created a video this fast and share it with all our teams. It’s really helped us in the way we communicate with our staff and new employees.
Erica Johnson
Erica Johnson Read More
Great way to create a simple but effective video for your customer. I not confident in front of the camera but the teleprompter was extremely helpful.

Functional Videos That Solves Your Challenges

The power of bite-size videos for modern-day business

Expectation Videos

Don’t leave your audience in suspense, set realistic expectations and eliminate the element of surprise

Welcome Videos

Create an emotional connection by giving your customers a personalised warm welcome

Prospecting Videos

Kick-off a relationship with an outreach video instead of the usual throwaway email copy

Leader Videos

Promote a flow of communication and break down barriers with instant videos.

Auto-Response Videos

Quantum leap your response time to any target with a pre-recorded video to serve any purpose

Employee Bio Videos

Make your company more human and trustworthy by allowing staff to introduce themselves

Transition Videos

Ensure a smooth transition as you hand off a customer from one colleague to another

Follow-Up Videos

Record a personalized recap video to your target audience so you can align on their goals

FAQs Videos

Answer the most common questions and ensure trust with your product or service

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Video Share is a multi-step application that allows professionals to create and share bite-sized videos at speed. No video or technical experience required

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