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4 Essentials every good Corporate Video should have

Written by Rebecca Johns

7 Jan, 2021

You need the best corporate video, and you do not have the right resources or knowledge to film it the way it should be, then do not worry because we got you covered on that. A professionally filmed corporate video can do wonders when it comes to your business’s engagement. Just with the right content, quality gadgets, and a brain behind the direction, you can create a strong video that can change the days of your business.

Everybody has different ways of consuming information. It is easier for people to watch a video than to read an ad on some paper. Also, videos are easier to share on social media platforms and signage boards which is a key in marketing. A corporate video is often one or two minutes long, and getting everything covered in such a short-spanned video is not a piece of cake. We have gathered four essentials that can change the way people have been looking at your firm but before getting into them, let’s discuss the purpose of a corporate video. A business video’s objective is to cover all the essential aspects that should inform and instruct the people regarding the specific company by luring them with the aesthetics. The entire game revolves around how we can get them to see the advertisement. 

A Matter of Seconds 

In filmmaking, every second matter. A professional filmmaker knows how to pull a strong and powerful piece that can attract people’s attention in mere seconds and keeps them hooked until the video ends. Every great corporate video should contain a solid combination of information and entertainment. The storyline should be intertwined so that the viewer should not get bored halfway and leave; instead, it should leave them eager to know more. The video should be filmed by keeping the time limit in mind so that you can make every ounce of the video interesting and knowledgeable regarding your business. In this way, you will be able to make your viewers take immediate action. By putting effort into tiny details in between the seconds, I assure you that your message will be entirely conveyed, and you will also get those extra pieces sold.


A corporate video is made for different purposes. Whatever genre your business has, its video should be filmed professionally. The vibe itself should be enough to captivate the viewers. A professional video has a balance between the visuals and the audio. It should be filmed with ultra-high-definition cameras because production value truly matters. A corporate video, if made dramatically, can not influence the customers the way it is expected to. It should look official. Its criterion should be well achieved, and it should have an inspiring conclusion with a call to action. 

Play with the Emotions

The emotional drive can trigger people to make impulsive decisions. May it be for the potential client or the recruitment drive. Ensure that your video plays with the sensitive side of people’s brains. The storyboard should be intriguing, and it should resonate with the customers. This factor plays a huge role in generating traffic for your business. A piece of old cultural music often hits in the feels.

Similarly, if a video is filmed considering the weather conditions of the area, it does well compared to those shot in exact accordance with the weather. A dull, bland advertisement, if played in the snowy season, which already imposes blues on people’s minds, will not work well. Anything that can cheer them up, change their mind, lift their mood, go for it. 

Visual Appeal

A business video is made often ignoring the visual appeal part. If you can pair your ideas with solid visuals, you will pull off a perfect tape that the customers would love to see. 

Let’s say a 35-year-old man came back from the office and is taking his family to dinner. He is exhausted and waiting for the signal to open. Your video is being played on the digital signage along with a few others. What do you think he will watch?

So a corporate video should be filmed keeping in mind different situations and times the people are going through and what might attract them to watch at such hours. It should have all those bright colors and a piece of catchy music to shine out among the others. While taking all the factors in for a perfect video, you should not avoid the overall professional feel. Try to play with the aesthetic sense of your audience. It always goes the right way.

These were the four facts in my point of view that can make your video stand out and shine. The purpose of your advertisement will be fulfilled, and the subject audience will get the full-fledged message you want to convey. Now getting a professional video is made super convenient by Video Share. It is the application made to assist the business holders in marketing their products effectively. It works on the principles of a professional video and covers all the essential points that should be kept in mind when making a corporate video

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