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3 Phase process for planning your product video – Easy steps

Written by Rebecca Johns

19 Mar, 2021

The first stage of making a product video for its marketing is to plan, plan, and plan! History has shown countless examples of how well-planned moves always bore beneficial results. Product videos are often made with a target goal. It is made specifically to reach an immense amount of audience and affect them in a way that they end up buying it. For such a purpose, an adequate amount of thinking is required that is to be done beforehand.

 Executing your pre-planned strategies while video making can make it hit the right audience, and it will prove to be a success. 

Planning has to be done in the pre-production stage; one has to put together the ideas and suggestions. The goals and intentions of your video are also specified here. As soon as one realizes the importance of this planning stage, he can never let it go and jump straight into video-making ever again. 

This process has its pros, and one can clearly see them through the engagement of their videos. 

Thorough research is required for beginning the process of producing a product video. Such videos speak for themselves and guarantee the purpose for which it is made.


Now that you are aware of the planning stage of video making, let’s break it down into three different processes that go down in planning your product video for marketing purposes.

1- Define your Objectives

First things first, set your goals. Do so by asking yourself what are your objectives for making a video of this product? What outcomes do you want from it, and how do you want it to turn out as a whole.


Once you are done outlining your objectives, you are good to go. You will immediately feel more confident and motivated regarding the filming process of your video. 

This phase is crucial because you step in the shoes of your target audience and visualize it from their perspective. It allows you to set your motives and decide how you will film this video to make it innovative enough to attract the audience’s attention.

A report has shown that around 48 percent of consumers want marketing videos to reflect their interests. As somebody who will produce a video that is generative in terms of traffic and income, you must know that videos play an essential part in a consumer’s decision-making process. A well-executed video will fulfill your goals by turning your viewers into potential buyers.

The more time you will spend on this phase of marketing video production, the more accurate it will turn out in terms of quality.


To save yourself from heading in the wrong direction, constantly ensure during the process that the aims of your video are aligned with the broader purposes of your business. 

So what are you thinking of? Take your pen and diary and pen down the initial goals. Looking back at these goals will keep reminding you how far you have come. 

2- Establish a Budget

Thinking has no limits or boundaries. One can think and plan as much as possible, but what is the use of it when you do not even have the right amount of resources to execute those plans to make a perfect service video. 

Plan the kind of video that falls within your budget. Most of the time, a high-budget video does not work well and becomes a failure compared to the low-budget ones where the center of attention is the ‘purpose’ of that video and not the cinematography. 

Considering your budget in mind, think of the resources you can utilize to make your video as effective as it can. 

Usually, service videos for video marketing are shorter in length and straightforward; thus, you should mainly target the message instead of adding extra costly animations and transitions.

3- Plan the Plot

Next up, design the message you want to convey along with the promotion of your product through the video. 

In this phase, you will have to plan the plot of the video in a way that hits right in the feels. 

Think of background music that synchronizes with the theme of your brand or the product you are trying to sell. 

This phase helps a lot in catching the target’s eyes. You can talk about the rising social issue and how your brand will take measures to resolve it. It makes your content value-driven, and these small notions make a place in the consumer’s heart, and they develop a sense of respect for you.


Aesthetically pleasing filters and a particular tone of the overall video will go a long way.


Put in the most amount of time and effort in this phase because it will decide the fate of your struggles. The corporate videos that target a product impact the most when they are linked to reality. 

This is pretty much all you need to do before finally getting into the filming, editing, and posting processes of the video. 

Planning your video on your own when you are neither a producer nor a director becomes a bit tacky at times. One does not feel satisfied with whatever they put up in the resultant video. This is totally understandable. You can hire a video production team to do the task, but they often cost you a fortune. 

We have come up with a solution to this looming problem. VideoShare is a platform that assists you with corporate video making. They have different pre-planned powerful scripts on their site to choose from. You can record, edit, and share the video messages with a duration of 45 seconds or less which is the ideal length. Try it for yourself and avail countless benefits. 



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