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Say goodbye to expensive videos, drive results today!

Professionals and agencies can now easily create, share, and manage videos without any editing or video experience

Grow and keep more customers with video

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    The‌ ‌possibilities‌ ‌are‌‌ ‌‌endless

    Expectation Videos

    Don’t leave your audience in suspense, set realistic expectations and eliminate the element of surprise.

    Welcome Videos

    Create an emotional connection by giving your customers a personalised warm welcome.

    Prospecting Videos

    Kick-off a relationship with an outreach video instead of the usual throwaway email copy.

    Leader Videos

    Promote a flow of communication and break down barriers with instant videos.

    Auto-Response Videos

    Quantum leap your response time to any target with a pre-recorded video to serve any purpose.

    Employee Videos

    Make your company more human and trustworthy by allowing staff to introduce themselves.

    Transition Videos

    Ensure a smooth transition as you hand off a customer from one colleague to another.

    Follow-Up Videos

    Record a personalized recap video to your target audience so you can align on their goals.

    FAQ Videos

    Answer the most common questions and ensure trust with your product or service.

    Easily create videos in a few minutes

    You do not have to be an expert to create a video

    Personalized Scripts

    With the easy-to-use script editing feature, you can start right away creating the perfect script. All your video scripts in one place, so you can easily create professional videos.


    Free script templates


    Summary Points


    Speech-to-text recognition

    Effortless Recording

    You can use the integrated teleprompter to read your message whether you’re on your phone or at your desk, building a deeper connection with your audience.


    Built-in Teleprompter


    On the fly script editor


    Quick touch HD Video

    One-click Animation

    Everything from titles and lower thirds with custom fonts to branded watermarks is automatically animated. Give your audience a better memory of your business.


    Logo intros and Lower thirds


    Animated template styles


    Video thumbnail and trimmer

    Flexible Distribution

    Secure cloud-based video processing allows for instant publishing. With just a click, you can share and distribute videos to multiple social media platforms.


    Send video emails or via SMS


    Publish and share anywhere


    Secure cloud-based video hosting

    Success Stories

    We couldn’t have created such a video and shared it with all our teams in such a short time. It really helped us in our communication‌ ‌with‌ ‌our‌ ‌staff‌ ‌and‌ ‌new‌ ‌employees.

    Erica Johnson

    Founder and CEO

    It was a great way to create a simple but effective video for your customer. I’m not super confident in front of the camera, but the teleprompter helped out a lot. 

    Nick Craig


    After trying several applications for my business, I am impressed with Video Share’s ability to walk me and my team through the process and video. This application is simple to use and does not require editing. 

    Amanda Richardson

    Head of Marketing

    Grow and keep more customers with video

    We are currently in private beta. Join our waiting list below


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